QURIOUSER is a brand created for people and their dogs who have a special bond of trust as a life partner.
We treat them as a member of the family with respect, and want to give back to our dogs more than the love they have given to us. So one day when we say goodbye, they will feel that they have had a happy life.

With these thoughts in mind, we design and produce collars and leads which are essential for your dog. Each collar and lead is made in our studio and can be made to order.
At QURIOUSER, our priority is to cherish the beauty, cuteness and individuality of the dog's natural eyes and coat colour, rather than chasing after fast-changing trends. We express our ideas on the collars and leads as a canvas to bring out the best of the dog's charm. Then the design will be truly completed when the owner's love for the dog is added to the canvas.
We hope to bring you a smile while remembering your dog's personality and uniqueness to choose the best style for you and your partner.
The story began when my fur baby Q turned one year old. Having difficulty finding the perfect collar on the current market for him as a birthday present, I decided why not make one myself! Since my entire life is literally being a creator, this became a very exciting new project.

Shiba has fluffy hair, so collars can easily get hidden in the fur if they are too narrow. Also, Shiba is a very energetic breed and could pull while walking, so we wanted to make the design wide enough to look neat and reduce the load on their necks.

We believe Shiba owners could relate to this, but even on rainy, windy, snowy days, many Shiba Inu prefer to go outside to make No.1 and 2. So we used a print method that would not colour transfer when they get wet. Speaking of prints, we often felt there must be more variations of colour and patterns that suit Japanese breed dogs rather than traditional oriental patterns. So we try to propose more options to choose from, such as chic modern, trendy, and stylish.

Even if you want your dogs to dress up, Shiba often hates to wear clothes (not all of them), and my Q is no exception. We never want to force them to dress up if they don't want to. Instead, we use gold plated parts to make essential collars look like an accessory but still functional. We try to avoid additional decorations as much as possible because it could be dangerous if parts fall off and dogs swallow them.

After a lot of trial and error, test use for over a year, we paid extra attention to the inspection of fabrics, threads, specifications, colours, sizes, etc.
Finally, the brand QURIOUSER was launched in January 2020.
Since we opened the online shop in April, we received much positive feedback from owners of various dog breeds and ages, and we are constantly learning and improving our products to meet different needs.
Photo above:Signaure product of QURIOUSER, KUMIHIMO Collar.
Photo below : KUMIHIMO weaving machine in Kyoto.
We aim to incorporate Japanese craft techniques into our designs, such as Kyoto's traditional Kumihimo, and produce simple, sophisticated items focusing on safety and quality.

The brand name came from combining the two words, 'Question' and 'Curious'.
Just like the famous line 'Curiouser and curiouser', we hope to keep our pure curiosity and have the courage to move forward, even if we face rather odd situations or challenges in life.

The Japanese family crest lookalike logo is based on four footprints that bring you to the new adventure. We hope the experience with Quriouser will become a part of the family history of you and your dogs.

【Designer Profile】ARISA & Q

In early 2020, Arisa began a brand QURIOUSER to deliver the style for dogs and owners. Using the background of being a formal wear designer such as wedding dresses, high-standard day dresses, Arisa aims to create practical, high-quality and stylish items for dogs that are hard to find in the current market.
Arisa began her creative career in 2009 after graduating from Fashion Design BA(Hons), the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom, with 1st class honour. After spending two years in London as a freelance designer/maker and a sewist at high-class millinery, she gained professional connection and skill mainly for formal wear. In 2012, she flew back to Japan and worked as an apparel designer at several companies.

Q is a Japanese Shiba Inu born in March 2018. He loves to run, eat, travel, and play with humans and dog friends. He is our little sunshine.

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